Media & Writing

I trained in Radio production, presentation and direction with the BBC in London and made and presented programmes for BBC4 for several years. It was my first real introduction to radio although I had worked as a radio actress when I was young, and I understood its power as a communicator. Radio in the corner of our sitting room as I was growing up was my greatest gateway to the world of voice and music.

I worked for Today with Pat Kenny and the Sean o Rourke show on RTE 1 for 9 years. I travelled cross the edges and the middle of our island and told stories of organizations, projects and people. I told stories of ageless lives, extraordinary work ethic, personal hopes, possibilities and losses. Stories of colour and melody. Stories that hung in the air and stories that taught us all a new way forward. And all the time and every time, I learned something new and something good.

I wrote articles for the Irish Times, The Irish Independent, magazines and contributed to books. And now with communication technology in the open ether…… ‘it’s onwards an upwards’……. as the woodcutter said to red riding hood’


Irish Working Lives

‘I have tried through writing this book to illuminate the strength of all those I met, their grace of purpose and their commitment to a deep belief that it is only in the service of others you will find the best in yourself.’


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